Know Drums.

Have you memorized the ABC's of drumming? DrumGoat helps drummers by challenging and reinforcing the audio-visual memory of rudiments - the “alphabet” of drumming - while making it simple, fun and fast.

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With DrumGoat's efficient quiz-style learning method you’ll memorize what each drum rudiment sounds like, what it looks like in music notation, and be able to associate these with its name.

Efficient Quiz-style Learning

DrumGoat works by showing you a rudiment in musical notation form and it's your job to say what it's called. You get to pick from a multiple-choice list of answers. Sounds easy, right?


Real Audio Recordings

In addition to visual representation of each rudiment, DrumGoat sweetens the deal by providing stereo audio recordings played by an actual person (not a computer) so you can learn how these rudiments sound in real life.


Every Rudiment

DrumGoat includes all of the standard rudiments specified by the Percussive Arts Society, divided into separate levels so that rudiments of similar difficulty are grouped together.

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